Badia Polesine

In this chapter we discuss the calm, gracious and characteristic town of Badia Polesine, located in the heart of the Venetian plain.

Badia Polesine is located to the west of the capital and stands on a stripf of land between the Adige river and the Adigetto canal, bordering the province of Padua and Verona. You should visit the Abbey of Santa Maria della Vangadizza, which was founded by the order of the Benedictines and that passed, in the thirteenth century, to the order of the Camaldolese until it was suppressed in the Napoleonic age.

The Teatro Sociale, a nineteenth-century building, is considered a “little La Fenice Theatre” of the hinterland. Its interior design is rich of gilding and carvings by the artist Luigi Voltolini. One of the symbols of the city is the Palazzo degli Estensi with an elegant and well-structured appearance, which dates back to 1400 and is in late-Gothic style.

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