Prato della Valle

In this chapter we discuss one of the most spectacular works of the Veneto region, the only one of its kind, the Prato della Valle.

Prato della Valle or Campo di Marte, as it was called, is located south of Padova and is one of the largest squares in Europe with its 88620 square meters. It was created in 1775 when the administrator of the Serenissima, Andrea Memmo, decided to create a large space suitable for hosting fairs, markets and religious festivals.

The project, however, belongs to Domenico Cerato, who designed an ovoid garden surrounded by a canal and decorated with 78 statues that aimed to portray the most illustrious citizens. Today Prato della Valle is a very popular place among the Paduan and is used to relax, to go for walks and also to practice some sport.

Moreover, during Saturday there is the lively general market and, on the third Sunday of the month, it is the turn of the antique market, dedicated to furniture and collectibles lovers.

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