The Praglia Abbey

In this chapter we discuss an important building in the Paduan countryside, the Praglia Abbey, a Benedictine monastery located in the Euganean Hills.

The Praglia Abbey is a Benedictine monastery located in the municipality of Teolo in the Paduan countryside at the foot of Mount Lonzina. This ancient monastery was founded in the eleventh century by the Vicentine family of Maltraversi, for the order of the Benedictines, known at the time as "Pratalia".

Inside we find the botanical cloister, once used for the cultivation of medicinal plants, the hanging cloister, surrounded by the most representative rooms of the monastery, the rustic cloister, intended for the deposit of instruments and the double cloister where the monks rested. Moreover, inside the Praglia Abbey, we find two other evocative environments, namely: the monumental refectory, with a magnificent wooden furniture and a large Crucifix painted by Bartolomeo Mantegna and the National Monumental Library, which contains about 100,000 volumes.

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