The Valbelluna

In this chapter we talk about the Valbelluna, starting from the Alpago area and the Santa Croce Lake, along the river Piave, to the towns of Feltre and Lamon.

The Valbelluna

We have divided the Valbelluna into the following chapters:

Santa Croce Lake - Alpago - - The Valbelluna


Coming out of Valbelluna and passing through the town of Belluno we arrive at Alpago, a natural treasure surrounded  Continue...

Mel - The Valbelluna


The historical center, interesting and suggestive, still preserves in its characteristic palaces the importance that  Continue...

The Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park - - The Valbelluna

The Dolomiti Bellunesi

The Park includes the mountain groups of the Feltre Alps, the Monti del Sole, the Schiara, the Talvèna, the Prampèr  Continue...

Feltre - The Valbelluna


situated between the Piave river and the Dolomites, is a pretty walled city divided into two parts: the old part  Continue...

Lamon - The Valbelluna


is a small charming town located south of the province of Belluno, between the long valleys created by  Continue...

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