Civetta Group

In this chapter we discuss the Civetta Group, one of the most popular, impressive and evocative of all the Zoldo Dolomites.

The Civetta Group, famous all over the world for its majestic "Wall of the Walls" with its 1200 meters of difference in height, separates the Zoldo Valley from the Agordino with impressive vertical rock faces. The highest peak of this majestic massif is Mount Civetta with 3220 meters, which was conquered for the first time in 1867 by the Englishman Francis Fox Tuckett. Among the valleys are still told stories about who first conquered the top of the mountain, and it seems that some hunter in the area, reached the summit a few decades earlier, thrust up there to capture a chamois.

The Zoldo side is undoubtedly less impending on the valley, but no less fascinating from a mountaineering point of view, the rich network of paths and via ferrata makes the area particularly interesting. Instead the southern side is characterized by a set of towers, the most famous are the Torre Trieste with its 2458 meters and the Tower of Venice with its 2337 meters, located right in front of the Castle of Busazza at an altitude of 2592 meters, in the subgroup of the Cantons of Busazza. On the Agordino side, incredible rock faces are raised, called in the mountaineering environment "The Wall of the Walls" in which numerous climbing routes are traced.

At the bottom of this valley, on the shores of Lake Alleghe, we find the small and charming town of Alleghe nestled between the gentle waters and the wonderful setting of the Civetta Group. This quaint country offers many outdoor activities, and is a destination much sought by foreign tourists who, thanks to its strategic position, offers paths and routes for each person, from the most experienced mountaineers to families, also offers one of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

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