The City Center of Belluno

Set at the bottom of the valley between the Piave river and the majestic Dolomites, a world heritage site, the city center of Belluno will surprise you on your arrival.

The City Center of Belluno

Belluno, also called “Belùn” in the Belluno dialect, is the capital of the homonymous province and is set in a hill where the torrent Ardo and the river Piave meet. Surrounded by amazing mountains, natural oases and green valleys, the city of Belluno and its province will leave you breathless for their beauty. This gracious city was founded in the I century by the Romans, who strengthened the first settlements made by the Paleovenetian and Celtic populations.

Walking through the city, through its streets, its arcades, gothic houses and, above all to Renaissance palaces, we can live and learn all the history that sculpted Belluno. During the First World War, the mountains of Belluno were the scene of fierce battles, because of the so-called "dolomitic front" that included the area from the Agordino territory to Ampezzano area.

Even today these mountains show traces and scars of the Great War, which are easily visible undertaking some excursions where we can touch and see fortifications and trenches, giving us also the opportunity to understand and think about on the effort made by these people to give freedom to future generations. This mountainous system located north of the Veneto region, in the heart of the Dolomites, will surprise you with its immensity and beauty, it will bring peace to your hearts and challenge your athletic skills, giving you a land full of traditions and typical food that will satisfy even the most doubtful person.

Do not miss the “Sagra dei Fisciot”, in March, or the ancient feast dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows, with the historical procession that will bring the statue of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows from the church of S. Stefano along the streets of the city. The center will host the flower market and the antique market, with sweet stalls, typical sweet and savory specialties, toys and famous handicraft works.

We have divided the City Center of Belluno into the following chapters:

 The Belluno Cathedral - The City Center of Belluno

The Belluno Cathedral

located in Duomo square, was erected in place of an early Christian church in the sixteenth century designed  Continue...

The Rettori Palace - The City Center of Belluno

The Rettori Palace

elegant façade, partly affected by coats of arms and stone plaques in memory of all the rectors of the  Continue...

Roman Fortifications - The City Center of Belluno

Roman Fortifications

was probably founded between 220 and 200 BC. by the Romans who drove away the Celtic populations who Continue...

The City Center of Belluno

Erba Square

The square, born from an ancient Roman Forum, contains at its center the Fountain of San Lucano  Continue...

The City Center of Belluno

Martiri Square

like many other Venetian squares, is considered the "living room" of the city and the hub of commercial  Continue...

The Santo Stefano Church

The Santo Stefano Church

a place imbued with spirituality and great works, is the most loved and suggestive religious building  Continue...

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